Palliative Care

Palliative care to children and young people is an active approach to care from the point of diagnosis throughout the child’s life, death and embraces physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements and focuses on he enhance of the quality of life of the child or young adults. Families may also vary as o whether they wish to purse treatment aimed to cure in practice ,palliative care should be offered from diagnosis of a life limiting condition that curative treatment for life threating condition is not an option, however each situation is different and care should be tailored the child. Palliative care is not reserved for people in end of life care and can improve quality life. Medications used in palliative care are used differently from standard medications. The use of anticonvulsants to treat pain, antipsychotic medications to treat nausea and morphine to treat dyspnoea. Routes of administration may differ because people cares lose the ability swallow. A common route of administration is subcutaneous, as it is lea traumatic and less difficult to maintain than intravenous .  According to WHO more than 4 million cancer patients would benefit from the palliative care less than 1% of those who need palliative care services have access to do such services. Worldwide 20 million people are estimated to require PC at the end of the life every year of which 69% are adults over 60 years old and 65 are the children are estimated.


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alliative Care

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