Mental Health Nursing

That should enlighten with ability, awareness, experience, knowledge, skills, solutions, tools, technology and wisdom to change, improve, manage, monitor and maintain their mental health and to elevate awareness about the value of the mental health of a person and when the action is required. Mental health is a study that is mandatory and very important part of the education for the human being. As they will face many things in their life and therefore they need to manage, observe and change the state of their mental health. The mental health has a workforce in 2018 about 35,674 registered nurses working in mental health and was drop down more 12% on the 40,602 mental health nurses employed less than a decade in September of 2009.ther are a number of significant pressure and challenges in providing specialist mental health services that must be overcome by the high demand is estimated about the 1.8 million people were  in contract with adult mental and learning disability services in 2015-5016.meanwhile ,the number of NHS mental health nurses has declined in recent years that 12% fall between 2010 to 2017.they was a 27% rise in the suicide rate from 1999 to 2016 between the age group of the 15-19 increased by nearly a third between 2007 and 2015.


Nursing safety, advanced practice registered nurse, patient safety and health care, occupational health nursing, psychiatric nursing patient safety, emergency nursing, environmental health nursing.

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Nurses, health care professionals, physician assistants, doctors, registered nurses, directors of association and fellows, clinical  research nurses and social works,  nursing association and societies.Mental Health Nursing

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