Care Of Patients With Chronic Disease

Bites from insects or animals capable of transmitting the disease (mosquito: malaria and yellow fever; flea: plague) List of communicable diseases Ebola, Hepatitis B , Measles, Rabies, Tuberculosis, Zika, Hepatitis. Care for people with chronic disease is a major challenge to our health system with 77% of reporting to one or more long term health problems with those which contain half of aged 65 years .87% of population attend the general practitioners at least once a each year. The WHO estimates that increase of 10% of chronic disease is associated with a reduction of 0.5% of annual economic growth. Globally the chronic conditions are the main causes for the death about 2/3 of deaths that occurred in 2008.the report of death due to spread of communicable disease are majorly hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, rotavirus and this the major is hepatitis are major cause of death which is having about mainly 5 types as types A, B, C, D AND E, Practically type B and C are leading to chronic disease in hundred millions of people worldwide.


Patient safety and health care, critical care and emergency nursing, adult care nursing, public health nursing, emergency nursing, health care and hospital management, wound care nursing, obstetrics and gynaecology nursing.

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Health care professionals , nurses, professors, researchers , students, physician assistants, doctors , directors or CEO, department head , vice presidents,  physicians from academia in the nursing field.

Care Of Patients With Chronic Disease

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