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More than 3000 adolescents die every day from largely preventable causes according to new report of WHO.  

Adolescents are the one sixth of the population and 6% of the global burden and injury. Around 1.2 billion people are adolescents aged 10-19. Road traffic injuries were the leading cause of death in 2015, other adolescent deaths are due to diarrhoeal diseases, lower respiratory infections, suicide and drowning.  Early pregnancy and child birth  The leading cause of death of adolescents of age 15-19 is complications during pregnancy and child birth. Some12% percentage of all births worldwide are girls of age 15-19 and the majority of birth takes place in low and middle income countries. Global adolescent birth rate in 2015 is 44 births per 1000 girls of this age country rates range from 1 to over 200 births per 1000 girl, This indicates a marked decrease since 1990. HIV   More than 2million people are living with HIV. The overall deaths is down since the raise of peak in 2006. The 2006 peak estimates that adolescents deaths with HIV are rising. This increase is predominantly in the African region, the adolescents are not getting the care and guidance they need to be in good health  and prevent transmission. The goal of SDG 3 is that by 2030, there should be an end to the epidemics of AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, water borne diseases. Mental Health  Depression is the third leading cause of disability in adolescents, and suicide is the cause of death in older adolescents. violence is the leading cause of death in older adolescent males. 1in 10 girls expressing sexual violence




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