Adolescence care

 The main prevention of the adolescent health problems like primary prevention like policies, information and education, secondary prevention like identification and reduction of risk and tertiary prevention like treatment and rehabilitation.A well-functioning of adolescent care with the nursing staff is a challenging case mix and hospital wide conceptual support is of 25% of RCH.75% of adolescent inpatients are admitted in the adolescent medicine staff. About 500,000 children in foster care of them 46% are adolescents are present in this 80% of teenagers have significant care on physical health, mental health and development with special health care. Young people are funded by DHS to provide services from 12-15.The major adolescence services are young people health service and adolescent forensic health services. Nearly half of adolescent girls aged from 15-19 in India are underweight with a body mass index of less than 18.5 according to the data base 2011.Response rate was about 70% in them where the most of the physicians reported having the adolescents with mental health problems during the last year and between 8% and 33% of general practitioners not working in youth clinics said to have any adolescents with depression, behavioural disorders, or substance abuse. More than 80% of physicians have seen adolescents who had attempted suicide and close to 30% adolescent patients who committed suicide.


Public health session; paediatric session; psychiatric and mental health nursing; Pediatric obesity and nutritional nursing; critical care session; palliative care session; adult health session

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Physicians and doctors, paediatricians, surgeons, healthcare scientists and researchers, social works

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