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European Nursing Conference( 6th Global Forum on Nursing and HealthCare) from 24th-25th June 2021 Berlin, Germany which is organized by Genoteq Healthcare.

The main theme of the conference is “Exploring the latest innovations in Nursing and Healthcare” which mainly considers Nursing research and the care of patients with different backgrounds and different diseases. The main sessions coverd in our conference, which are related to nursing are Perianesthesia Nursing, Neonatal care, pediatric nursing, acute care nursing, nursing education, nursing practice, nursing management, palliative care, nursing informatics, etc and many sessions are related to patient safety like community nursing, communicable diseases, care during critical care of patients.

Nursing is described as a divine profession which mainly focuses on the care of an individual or a community who is sick or unwell. Nursing care mainly focuses on the healthcare, patient care, diagnosis and treatment of the patient and helps to assist them to cure the disease or disorder. Currently, there is a less number of nurses present in many countries like African countries, some Asian countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Japan, and many European countries like France, Italy, and Spain. There are about 30 main countries having nurses as a shortage. The main target audience of the conference are Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, Academic Professionals, Doctors, Researchers, Healthcare workers, Healthcare providers.

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